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Six Fast Foods That Look Disgusting, Even In Their Professional Photos

The most un-photographable sandwich in the world, the McRib, is set to return on November 2nd. These six other items look just as awful, even when styled in pro photos.

dallasobserver 9 years ago

Edgar Allan Bro

Urban Dictionary defines "Edgar Allan Bro" as a melodramatically depressed bro who expresses himself poetically. That's one deep bro.

MelisBuzzFeed 9 years ago

The Greatest Conan Promo Ever

Get ready for quite simply the greatest, funniest, most perfect Conan O’Brien teaser for his new TBS show. (Via.)

comedyblogger 9 years ago

Ten Acts More Deserving Of Playing The Super Bowl XLV Halftime Show Than The Black Eyed Peas

It's been rumored that Black Eyed Peas are playing the Super Bowl XLV Half Time show . Here's 10 Musical Acts we think would be far, far, FAR better

dallasobserver 9 years ago

New York Times Will Go Out of “Print” Sometime in the Future

Grab your E-readers. It appears as though the print version of The New York Times may soon be a thing of the past, states Times chairman Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. Seriously, who could have seen this coming?

MelisBuzzFeed 9 years ago

Tornado Hits Dallas

Yes, that's a Tornado in Dallas, Texas. Photo by Eric Garcia.

dallasobserver 9 years ago

Crazy Prisoner Sues Mark Cuban, Nolan Ryan in Best Lawsuit Ever

You have to read this lawsuit to believe it.

dallasobserver 9 years ago

Double Rainbow Guy in Windows Live Ad

The Double Rainbow guy for a Windows Live Photo Gallery Ad. Amazing that they got him to do this.

Andrew S. 9 years ago

Cee Lo's Official "F*ck You" Music Video

Check out Cee Lo's OFFICIAL music video for "Fuck You."

Matt Stopera 9 years ago

Star Wars Baby Ghostbuster

The best picture you'll see of R2D2 and a Ghostbuster baby all day. From Dallas Comic Con

dallasobserver 9 years ago

The Best "O" Faces from Air Sex World Championships in Texas

The fun part: trying to fill in the blanks of what's going on in these pictures.

dallasobserver 9 years ago

Hipster Dinosaurs

Well, would you look at these f*cking hipster dinosaurs! Created by Molly Lewis, with crayons.

Hate Dinosaurs 9 years ago

Fried Beer Vs. Fried Margaritas at Texas State Fair

Here's a few of the fried foods to expect at the Texas State Fair: Deep Fried S'mores Pop Tart® Deep Fried Frozen Margarita Fernie's Fried Club Salad Fried Beer™

dallasobserver 9 years ago

The Most Unfortunate Logo Ever

The Field Center is an organization focused on improving the lives of abused and neglected children through reforming the systems that are designed to protect them. Sadly their logo does not seem to be designed with the same ideals. (click through to see their unfortunate website) Let's put our Photoshop skills to good use. Please design and add a replacement logo for this noble cause.

Dino Ignacio 9 years ago

The 30 Best Songs About Genitalia

If Cee-Lo wrote the greatest song of all humankind with "Fuck You," which has sufficiently taken over the Internet this week, then Meat Loaf certainly deserves a firm No. 2 spot for his own masterpiece, "California Isn't Big Enough (Hey There Girl)," a song that finds the 62-year-old singing, quite proudly, "I can barely fit my dick in my pants." In their honor, a list about all the wangs (and other danglies) in music.

dallasobserver 9 years ago

3 Movies That Really Could've Used Cee-Lo's, "Fuck You."

Check out 3 movie scenes using Cee-Lo's new song in an amazing way.

comicfiction 9 years ago

Movie Scenes That Needed Cee-Lo's "F**k You"

What if you replaced the music in Say Anything with Cee-Lo's "F**k You": this is what would happen.

dallasobserver 9 years ago

CeeLo Green's "F*ck You" Video

A surprisingly catchy song about a guy who's angry at a girl.

bf 9 years ago