Tom Hanks Confirms Sequel to 1988's BIG With 'Little Dandy: Big 2'

Amidst rampant rumors over the last 10 years, Tom Hanks announced today that the long awaited sequel to the iconic smash-hit "Big" (1988) will film this summer. "James [Brooks] and I have been trying to get this thing off the ground for years and it's finally happening. We are all very excited," Hanks told E! news. The detailed plot surrounding "Little Dandy: Big 2" is yet to be announced but producer James L. Brooks shed some light on what to expect. "Big was essentially a science-fiction film when you think about it but few people thought of it as such, so we want to make that theme more relevenat in the sequel," Brooks said. "Terminator 2 was essentially the same thing as Terminator 1 with a few added elements and we want to play off the similarities between the franchises. Big 2 takes place in the year 2030 and Josh Baskin is 55 years old and still very much in love with Susan, played by Elizabeth Perkins, who is imprisoned for her satutory rape of Josh. The two are very much in love but the complexity of the relationship takes a toll on Susan's mental stability and no longer finds herself attracted to Josh as he ages through his mid fifties. It's a very character rich script and I can't go into the specific details, but Josh makes a wish to be a dandy again to win back Susan's heart. His wish comes true and he becomes a 32 year old man. For the scenes of Josh as a 32 year old we will utilize unused footage from the original Big along with Hank's other early films, including, 'Punchline,' 'Everytime We Say Goodbye,' and 'The Money Pit,' all of which we bought the rights to. Jack Nicholson was attached to star as a rival dandy who has shed 40+ years off his life and we were going to use clips from his earlier works, but he dropped out. He is really pissed at me for some reason." Little Dandy: Big 2 is scheduled to begin filming in July and McG is slated to direct.

dalidrama • 7 years ago