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10 Signs Your Casual Hookup Has Turned Into A Relationship

Time to reevaluate your relationship status.

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When you are in your twenties, casual hookups are a beautiful thing. But as you start spending more time together, you start noticing some changes. How do you know your casual hookup has, in fact, turned into a relationship?

2. You sleep over twice a week

Once a week is okay if it's getting too late and you're too tired to go home. But twice or more a week suggests that you're getting more comfortable, and it might become a habit.

4. You date, without realizing it

Do you go out to dinner, go to the movies, or even shop together? Sorry to break it to you, but you're on your way to relationship town. When you stop just going to her place to hook up, and actually take her out to do something fun together, something's changed.

7. You've shared secrets

It's fine to share some stuff about each other's lives, but the moment you share some secret that no one else knows, that means you trust that person. A casual hookup isn't supposed to be about more than just trusting each other in bed.

8. You call each other

In this day and age, going beyond texting and actually calling someone has become a nuisance. Texting is so easy, and you don't have to actually talk and deal with the awkward silences. So if you call each other regularly, it means you're not worried about the that and you feel comfortable with each other.

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