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Twelve Hallmark Movie Hunks

You can try to deny that you love Hallmark films, but you can't deny that Hallmark has chosen some hotties for their flicks.

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1. Eric Mabius

Eric Mabius plays Wayne Wenders, a newly hired Shakespeare teacher trying to avoid his past as a commercial actor for Irritable Bowel medication in Hallmark Channel's "Reading Writing and Romance". If only our English teachers really looked like Mabius.

2. Travis Schuldt

Schuldt plays in "This Magic Moment" as Clark Gable, a video store owner caught in the crossfires of famous actress Helena Harris' break up with her costar. With that goofy grin, no wonder he caught the eye of a famous actress.

8. David Walton

David Walton plays the amicable Bostonian beer vendor, Elliot Doolittle in "The Makeover". Elliot is recruited by elite education consultant Hannah Higgins to become Massachussett's next congressman. Walton sure cleans up well!

9. John Newton

John Newton is Cody Cullen, a lonely Afghanistan soldier who goes to Nevada City, California in search of the sender of an anonymous Christmas card. Let me tell you, I'd send a Christmas card to Mr. Newton.

11. Ethan Erickson

Erickson plays Eddie James in "Accidentally In Love", a struggling actor who accidentally gets into a car accident with single mom Annie Baker, only to eventually fall in love with her. Nothing like a little fender bender to bring a hottie into your life, right?

12. And Lastly, Logan Bartholomew

As embarrassing as it is to be caught watching "Love's Enduring Promise", the cheesiness of this movie is outshined by the gorgeousness of Logan Bartholomew as Willie LaHaye. I mean, look at him.

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