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If you are a heavy user of social networks and the Internet in general, mobile data management is surely among your priorities. So that you can stay connected all the time and do not finish them quickly, this is a new platform that can help you. Here are some tips for you to manage your valuable datas in the best way:

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Pay close attention to your consumption

It is very easy to spend all your megas if you do not have a limited plan. With this technology you can know in real time and 24/7 how much you have consumed and even in what applications, so you can be aware of which apps consume more or less - in case you want to invest more in a particular one, or stop spending in any.

Close any applications you are not using

It is common that, when connected to a home network and away from it, we activate the mobile data to continue online. If you are using all your favorite applications and you do not close them while being connected to the mobile network, your data will be consumed faster. We recommend closing the apps you are not using and configure the ones you do need, so you do not receive all the notifications of that app and you can save some megs.

Restrict data consumption

Today it is very important to have an application that lets you know how much you are spending and restrict the consumption of data on your cell phone. If you are an Android user, you could do it natively without having to download an additional application, just go to the configuration section and click on the data usage section so you can configure it. In the case of iOS you can choose which apps work with WiFi. You can pause your data, but keep using the apps you chose unlimited like Facebook or Whatsapp.

Disable the automatic options of your cell, like the synchronization of photos

Using automatic sync services is a great tool, especially if you're one of those users who love sharing photos and saving them to a cloud service. If you want to save data, we recommend that you deactivate these options to control your mobile data while your smartphone stays in your pocket.

Choose your own data plan

Now the companies give you a predefined package depending on the amount of your recharge, which usually brings unlimited things that you use little like calls or email. With this tech you can build your own plan, decide how many mega or minutes you want and choose among the most popular apps - such as Spotify, Snapchat, Instagram or Youtube - which you want to use unlimited or mega at special prices, which allows you to have Greater control of your balance.

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