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    What Your Seating Choice At The Food Court Says

    You may come to the food court to grab a quick bite between stores, but have you stopped to think about the decisions you make as you find a seat?

    You and your friends are finally taken a break from all of your shopping and now you're hungry

    But where do you sit?

    There are a lot of options to chose from...

    But....does it really matter what choice you make?

    After all, personal space is important!

    So choose your seat wisely because your choice sets the mood for your future interactions

    Sitting next to someone (rather than across) means you're more open to conversation

    Or you can sit across from someone and strike up a casual (or awkward) conversation

    Families, or large parties, sat in an order that would cause the least amount of chaos

    You can sit next to walls or barriers if you don't want to talk

    ....or you can sit by yourself and not worry about conversation at all

    In the end, you and other shoppers are there for a common purpose!

    So the next time you go to the mall

    Remember that where you sit says more than you think it does!