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    I Tried This Insane Foot Peel Kit And Here's What Happened

    Prepare yourself for some major peeling goodness.

    I've always had pretty rough feet, and recently, I thought it was time to finally give them some loving. After a quick search on the internet, I purchased a Japanese foot peel called Baby Foot.

    I can't say I paid too much attention to the instructions, but the images on them were really convincing me I was about to unlock some ~serious magic.~

    Check out that Super ZURUMUKE peeling in the bottom right hand photo, amiright?

    I read somewhere that soaking your feet beforehand enhanced the effects — and what sort of person would I be to turn down some extra peeling goodness? With that, I set about to soak my feet. Can I just say, committing to sit in one spot for 30 minutes really needs major preparation.

    1. Make sure you pee, despite the fact that you just peed ten minutes ago in fear you might need to go again.

    2. Bring some water, in case your fear of needing to pee wasn't overwhelming enough already.

    3. Pick a book, because you should really do something productive.

    4. Okay and bring your laptop, in case you get bored of the book.

    5. ... And bring your TV remote, in case you get bored of the laptop.

    6. Have a towel on-hand to dry off.

    7. And pick out some fluffy pink pyjamas, for that extra comfort.

    Better safe than sorry — 30 minutes can be a long time, guys.

    One last look at my feet before I kissed those callouses goodbye for good! (Hopefully).

    Time to pop these bad boys on.

    The instructions said to leave them on for 30 minutes. I left them on for an hour — because thug life (and also, really-rough-feet-and-slightly-creepy-delight-in-seeing-extreme-peeling-life).

    Then it was time to wait. One day passed, two days passed, three days… still nothing. I was starting to get worried. Then finally, on the fourth day, the peeling began.


    And it didn't stop there.


    P.S. — socks will be your best friend (WARNING: extreme peeling ahead).

    Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. But I have to say, I was pretty happy with my new feet.


    Feet aren't that gross — post-Baby Foot feet are even less gross. Plus, I dig peeling foot skin off almost as much as I dig pimple popping and earwax extractions (don't lie guys, I know I'm not the only one). Some of the callouses on the balls of my feet are still there, but given this is a home job, I'm pretty pleased. Overall, I would do this again (this could be a yearly thing), but probably best to save this for winter time.

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