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    This Dog Has The Biggest Ears You've Ever Seen

    Kanga (aka Yoda, aka Dobby the House Elf) is a rescue dog from Spain with lugholes like satellites!

    Meet Kanga

    Daisy Atkin

    She's a Heinz 57 mix breed from Alicante, Spain.

    Kanga has rather large ears

    Daisy Atkin

    She was found tied up on 8ft of chain in a warehouse.

    They're certainly a unique selling point

    Daisy Atkin

    Luckily, a Spanish passer-by noticed Kanga's plight and alerted a local rescue.

    This was Kanga in July 2014, in Alicante, Spain

    Daisy Atkin

    Matted coat, no love and no muscle in her back legs.

    She was taken in by Rushton Dog Rescue

    Cindi McNeil

    A clean, shaved and huge-eared beastie!

    She was rehomed to her new owner in Somerset, UK

    Daisy Atkin

    How could you hurt that face?

    She wasn't too sure to start with

    Daisy Atkin

    Kanga on her first night in Somerset

    But she soon settled in!

    Daisy Atkin

    (Kanga likes cow poo)

    She likes the sofa

    Daisy Atkin

    She's quite a big lap dog.

    She very much enjoys the beach

    Daisy Atkin

    But isn't convinced by the sea.

    She likes going to different places

    Daisy Atkin

    Not a very good window, Kanga.

    She's a little photo-shy sometimes

    Daisy Atkin

    (But looks beautiful anyway)

    But her ears really are magnificent

    Daisy Atkin

    Simply fabulous!

    They certainly define a special dog

    Daisy Atkin

    And define a special silhouette.

    What more could you want in a pooch?

    Daisy Atkin

    Thanks for lighting up my life <3

    Join Kanga's Facebook page to keep up to date on her adventures.

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