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11 Ways To Totally Up Your Cheese Game

A guide to upgrading your cheese preferences! Level up your cheese game with local Canadian cheese for a truly Canadian pleasure.

1. Combine the best of both worlds (✨cheese and bread✨) with a loaf of pull-apart bread.

2. Or cut out the 🍞middle man🍞 altogether with a cheese you can toss directly onto the grill.

3. Remix dessert by topping apple pie with a slice of sharp cheddar cheese.

4. Enjoy the nuanced flavours of your favourite cheeses in a whole new way by trying their yummy smoked counterparts. 🔥

5. Enhance veggies like tomatoes and celery sticks by filling them with cheese.

6. Or boost the sweetness of fruit with something salty and semisoft.

7. Make things social by serving fondue. 👯

8. Spruce up an otherwise so-so soup.

9. Indulge in a melted version of classic, buttery raclette.

10. Meet the cheese-stuffed meatball.

11. One word: 🙏 nachos 🙏.

Really want to impress at your next dinner party? Try serving local Canadian cheese!