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10 Cheese Pairings That Will Make Your Mouth Water For Days

Whip out your cheese plate and get to pairing! Try delicious local Canadian cheeses for a truly Canadian pleasure.

1. Brie, White Honey, and Pinot Noir

2. Aged Cheddar, Sliced Apple, and Cabernet Merlot

3. Raclette, Butter Crackers, and Blackberry Jam

4. Mozzarella, Tomato, and Pesto

5. Swiss, Prosciutto, and Sauvignon Blanc

6. Monterey Jack, Olives, and Salami

7. Blue Cheese, Dried Apricot, and Dark Honey

8. Havarti, Herb Crackers, and Apple Cider

9. Queso Fresco, Mango Salsa, and White Sangria

10. Gouda, Prosciutto, and Pear

Design by Danielle Ceneta / © BuzzFeed

Enhance your average cheese-eating by experiencing local Canadian cheese. Now that’s truly delightful!