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  • The Biggest Scientific Discoveries Of 2012

    This year has been proven to be a remarkable milestone of scientific breakthroughs in technology, computers, science and evolution. From the first landing by an unmanned rover in Mars to the official discovery of the elusive God particle which holds one of the many keys to unlocking the secrets of the Universe, 2012 has been delivering to its promise of a new year, breaking new ground to mark another landmark in the 21st century

  • 9 Famous Movie Stars Who Attempted Suicide

    Tony Scott, director of Top Gun, shocked the world a week ago when he left behind a wife, two children and a brilliant career, by throwing himself off the Vincent Thomas Bridge in Los Angeles. Currently, there are no known reasons for his gesture. Another eight famous movie stars were just about to say goodbye to life, fortunately they were saved just in time… What were the reason for them to ever consider taking their own lives? Find out next!

  • Fields Of Lights By Bruce Munro

    Check out Bruce Munro creations, a installation artist working in light. The small team of lighting designers working at his studio also create architectural lighting schemes for private residences, hotels, restaurants and other commercial spaces.

  • Kissing Lovers Art By Claire Streetart

    If you love street art then you will definitely love the following street art creations of kissing lovers by Claire, a very talented artist from France. Don’t forget to check out Claire Streetart website here.

  • Amazing Paintings By Stanislav Plutenko

    Born in Moscow in 1961, Stanislav Plutenko struggled from his early youth to become an artist/painter but with his disapproving parents, Plutenko studied in the turbine construction department of Moscow Machine Construction Institute. After army service, where he was appointed painter in the Officers Club and met many other painters, he became a designer. Here are some of Stanislav Plutenko amazing paintings.

  • Beautiful BIJINGA Paintings By Takeshi Ohgushi

    By using an ”ancient Japanese implements of brush and ink”, Japanese self taught artist Takeshi Ohgushi has successfully created these beautiful and amazing paintings, which are considered contemporary Bijinga (in translation pictures of beautiful women). He paints in rolls and sweeps of sumi ink on traditional Japanese paper.

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