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6 Duck Dynasty Audition "Must Haves"

Duck Dynasty is the most popular reality show on TV and there ain't no wonder why- good people, good laughs, and great beards!!! Rumor is Season 4 might bring some new ducks to the pond. Here's how you get ready for that shot at Redneck Hollywood!

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1. Check the Beard

There might not be a length requirement, but there's a testosterone prerequisite to growin' a 'FULL FACE FUR' like the Robertsons can. Check it first, so you can get to workin' on it while you accomplish the other steps.

3. Get You A Good Woman

These fellas are Family Men and it shows in everything they do (it's probably how they got such beautiful women to put up with those ZZ Top whiskers). So find you one of the same and hold on tight cause Family what the Dynasty is all about!

4. Understand "The Biz" & Get Help From Hollywood

This is your audition, Jack! So, don't waste time. Call in 'The Big Guns', like professional Hollywood choreographer Cris Judd, and get a routine that'll ensure they see you in Las Vegas... errr... West Monroe, Louisiana.

5. Be Proud and Stand Tall

The Robertson Family is real down to earth. They just are who they are. So, when you gear up for that audition, be proud and stand tall... and having your pretty wife wave the flag is always a crowd pleaser (That way you can just stand there and deadpan)

6. Then Perform an Audition That'd Make a Duck Caller Holler!

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You got the pitch together, now show 'em who should be the new duck in town...

Watch the video. You'll see how it's done.

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