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Looking At Seven Harry Potter Characters As Sports Figures

Here's a look at what athletes compare well with the characters of Harry Potter. Anytime that Dobby and Shaq share a list, it's bound to be a good one.

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Harry and Babe have something obvious in common: They are the best there ever was at what they do. They are both larger than life characters who will be talked about for the rest of eternity, whether it be on Earth on in the Wizarding World. Yankee Stadium, the most famous baseball field in history, is nicknamed “The House That Ruth Built.” Similarly, Harry shaped the way that Hogwarts will be shaped and organized forever.

Also they both seem to enjoy obscure tall objects on their head:

They are both extremely bold personalities, but certainly are not without personality faults. Harry had problems of arrogance and a short temper at times, while Babe lacked self-control, often drinking and smoking excessively. Overall though, both Harry and the Babe are undoubtedly renowned legends. Maybe they'll even begin to sell Baby Ruths at Honeydukes in the future!


Ron and Scottie have one glaringly similar quality: they are both the irreplaceable sidekicks to an alpha dog, Harry and Michael Jordan, respectively. Michael Jordan is widely considered the best basketball player of all time, but it is unlikely this would be the case had Scottie Pippen and his lockdown defense not helped the Chicago Bulls through the 1990's. The same goes for Ron with Harry, who would not have been able to achieve all he did without the help of his red-headed friend. Ron and Scottie serve as lovable companions that both serve an essential role in the life of their more famous and talented friends. Negative qualities they share could be a sense of immaturity in the absence of Harry or Jordan. Ron consistently bickered with Hermione while Pippen once sat out the ending of a playoff game after Jordan had retired because the final play was not designed for him. On the whole, the two pairings worked together brilliantly.


Dumbledore is Harry’s mentor and overseer and watches him mature throughout their years of Hogwarts, while always offering wonderful guidance. Jackson is considered the best basketball coach of all time, winning 11 NBA championships while overseeing the likes of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Shaquille O’Neal.

Both offer a cool, calm, and collected persona that allows them to attack all issues with a sense of confidence. They each are masters of mind games, with Jackson’s nickname even being the “Zen Master.” In addition, both Dumbledore and Jackson are certainly experts in their fields, and possess wonderful white facial hair.


Although not blessed with the greatest height, both Dobby and Dustin have great influence on their peers. Dobby was as loyal to Harry as one can be, even having no regrets in his dying moments about giving everything he could to him. Dustin meanwhile is known as one of the best teammates in the league, and plays with more hustle than any other player one can think of. Both serve important roles in their respective communities despite their vertical challenges.

Or Dobby

Weather people can even use their heights as measuring sticks. That's impressive.


Both blessed with cinnamon red hair, Molly and Pat have expressed comparable qualities in their respective fields. Molly is kind, gentle, and caring, having raised seven children, but also knows when to put her foot down and send Howlers to humiliate her children’s bad behavior. Molly acts as a mother figure to Harry, offering him the warmth and protection that the Dursleys could never offer. Summit is the now retired legendary coach of Tennessee women’s basketball. With 1,071 career wins- an NCAA record for either men or women- and eight national championships, Summit became a wildly successful coach by caring for her players but offering them tough love when she believed it was necessary.

As well as kisses


This comparison comes from their abilities to display their immense talents in the face of discrimination from the majority. Hermione is derogatorily called a Mudblood on multiple occassions throughout the series, and is considered by some to be undeserving of the wizarding world. Comparably, Robinson fought adversity and prejudice when becoming the first African-American to play Major League Baseball. Many at the time considered baseball to be a sport for only whites, and consequently that African-Americans should only be allowed to partake in the Negro Leagues. Both Hermione and Robinson proved that they were well worthy of their respective worlds and became extremely influential figures in the baseball and wizarding worlds.

Stealing home in the World Series will tend to do that

As will this.


Both known for their immense size, Hagrid and Shaq contain many homogenous personality traits. The two are incredibly warm and kind-hearted, and sometimes forget about the ridiculous strength they possess. Hagrid often pats others on the back lovingly, unintentionally hurting them, while Shaq once shattered a backboard because he dunked too powerfully.

Hagrid has a fondness for creatures, such as his dragon Norbert.

Overall, these two personalities make them appear as enormous, overgrown beings while also being as cuddly as a teddy bear. Or a kitten.

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