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    This Is Why I Won't Eat Microwave Popcorn Anymore, Plus Several Other Things I Learned From Medical TikTok

    "She did say that maybe the idea started from a good place and then escalated in a bad way."

    On today's episode of BuzzFeed Daily, we broke down the top pop culture headlines AND we discussed some of the wildest stories we've found on Medical TikTok. You can listen below or scroll down to read more about the interview!

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    So let's dive right into it! Recently we talked to Buzzfeed's Krista Torres about some of the most bizarre stories she's found on Medical TikTok. Here's some of what we learned:

    Buzzfeed Daily: So every once in a while a TikTok trend will arise that seems informative, but is actually very dangerous. That's what's happening with people shoving cloves of garlic up their noses. Can you explain what the hell is happening here?

    Ninetechno / Getty Images/iStockphoto

    Krista Torres: Oh my gosh, it just looks painful. People are putting garlic cloves in their noses and globs of snot come out and it's really gross looking. So I was like — why is this happening? The smell of garlic is so potent, but why one would think to shove it up their nose makes no sense. I actually talked to an ENT, Dr. Tanya L. Farmer, and she basically explained that garlic has several health benefits, but shoving it up your nose is not one of them. It's actually having the opposite effect: People are thinking that it's clearing their sinuses, but it's actually inflaming and irritating the mucus lining inside your nose. That's why all of this snot is coming out. So it's actually causing you to have more buildup because of that inflammation. 

    Buzzfeed Daily: Did they recommend any actual remedies to clear your sinuses that don't involve sticking garlic, or any other vegetables, up your nose?

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    KT: Actually she did say that maybe the idea started from a good place and then escalated in a bad way. Garlic has been used for thousands of years and it does have several health benefits such as vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients. But for congestion she suggested nasal sprays, antihistamines, and oral decongestants. She also mentioned that another good method is relieving pressure points on your face. So if you search "acupressure" there are different areas that you can push on your face that can help with nasal decongestion as well.

    Buzzfeed Daily: Your next story is about another TikTok trend, but this one is actually informative: People have been sharing stories about how they got pregnant after taking the Plan B pill. This must have been shocking for the people in these videos because it's not common knowledge. But I know you've been open about how this isn't new information for you.

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    KT: Yes, unfortunately I have actually experienced this. I did get pregnant after taking a Plan B pill, so I know firsthand that this can happen. When I did a quick TikTok search, I found thousands and thousands of women sharing their experiences of how they got pregnant after taking Plan B. Obviously we know it's not 100% effective, but when people are taking it they're thinking they're not going to become pregnant. So here's some important information to know before you do take it: Basically Plan B works by preventing ovulation so an egg can't drop from the ovaries and become fertilized. If you happen to have already ovulated when you had intercourse, then Plan B is going to do nothing. But if you haven't ovulated and you take that pill, you know right away it's going to prevent that egg from dropping. The people who do get pregnant, either their egg had already dropped or it dropped right before they took the pill. Another thing that really surprised me is that emergency contraceptive pills are less effective if you weigh 165 pounds or more.

    Buzzfeed Daily: The final story is about a viral urologist — or I guess I should say — a urologist who has "gone viral." TikTok user Dr. Joshua Gonzalez has created a real niche for himself posting health advice videos for men (most of which he's dancing in, which is very TikTok). You wrote about one video in particular in which he lists which foods are either good or bad for erections? Which foods made the list of good and bad? And was garlic one of them?

    Vladimir Mironov / Getty Images/iStockphoto

    KT: I just want to say before we begin that everything he's recommending is based on a handful of very small trials. So he's just making suggestions based on the data that is available. But without further ado, let's get into the bad foods:  microwave popcorn (which is devastating), white bread, canned soup, farm-raised salmon, cured meats, dairy, and excessive alcohol.

    Buzzfeed Daily: What about the foods that really get you going?

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    KT: Let's definitely get to those: We've got oysters, dark chocolate is another one, avocados, watermelon, oats, chili peppers, pink grapefruit, and coffee. Coffee is a stimulant that causes vasoconstriction, but there are numerous studies of men who consumed caffeine and reported having better erections. So, yeah, maybe it's just because they're all riled up.

    We also discussed Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson having dinner together on Staten Island.

    Sean Zanni / Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

    Social media has been obsessed with the news that Pete Davidson had dinner with Kim Kardashian on Staten Island.

    Just a few days after a photo was released of them holding hands on a roller coaster in California, they were spotted at a pizza place on Staten Island. They also apparently had dinner together in Manhattan the next night.

    We have no idea if this means Pete and Kim are really an item, but this tweet from comedian Fortune Feimster perfectly sums it up: “I honestly didn’t believe the Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian dating rumor until I just read she went to Staten Island. Even I know you don’t go there to just see a friend.”

    We also talked about how Dan Aykroyd thinks there’s enough material for comedians to use to avoid being offensive.

    Cbs Photo Archive / CBS via Getty Images

    Dan Aykroyd recently shared his thoughts about “cancel culture” and honestly, he’s one of the only older comedians who seems to be on the right track.

    He told The Hollywood Reporter: “There is so much in the world to comment on that is outside the realm of offensiveness. As a writer, you can go to other areas and have successful creative endeavors. Scatological humor is fun. It’s easy laughs. But there is more intelligent writing that can happen if you stay away from the offensive material that should be rightly canceled for its hurtfulness.”

    He added that there’s also a conversation to be had about who should be doing impressions of whom, saying about his own impression of his friend James Brown: “I do his voice pretty good. But maybe I shouldn’t anymore.” 

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