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    Listen: TikTok Exposes How Gross AirPods Really Are--And More Health Lessons

    “If you were to wear your AirPods, like, all the time you’ll be at a higher risk for getting something like this, if you’re not taking them out and cleaning them.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. You can come across some pretty strange things scrolling through TikTok. Including some really bizarre, and sometimes gross, medical videos. It’s also become a place where people are reaching out to connect with each other about medical issues they may be experiencing.

    BuzzFeed senior writer and producer Krista Torres has spent a lot of time watching these videos and fact-checking them. She joined us again today to talk about a disturbing health issue experienced by a habitual AirPods user, and a mom who is spreading awareness about a pregnancy complication we don’t talk about enough.

    @doctorsina/TikTok / Via

    2. Madison Beer has had it with online trolls.

    Rich Fury / Getty Images for MTV

    3. People are dunking on Caitlyn Jenner’s appearance on Hannity.

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