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    Listen: It’s Taurus Season—It’s Time To Focus On What Brings You Joy, No Matter What Your Sign Is

    “I think Taurus energy is all about enjoyment, and whatever it takes to actually enjoy what you’re doing.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. If you felt a little different this morning--if you felt a shift in the air--that’s because it is officially Taurus season.

    We’re leaving crazy, impulsive Aries season behind and moving into something a little more stable. A little more dependable.

    Today we’re breaking down what we need to be watching out for this next month with two of the hosts of the “What’s Your Sign” Podcast--Julia Loken and Lisa Chanoux.

    2. The band CHVRCHES new song takes on mansplaining.

    3. Video games? For COVID long haulers? There’s a chance they could help!

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