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    Listen: Prince Harry's New Show With Oprah Has A Release Date--And Yes, It Could Mean More Drama With The Royals

    “They apparently still have 90 more minutes of footage from that Oprah interview. So we may even see more of that.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. We’ve finally got a release date for the mental health-focused docuseries starring Prince Harry and Oprah called “The Me You Can’t See.” Today Apple TV+ said it will premiere on May 21st.

    Given that Oprah and Harry’s last collaboration caused *just a little bit* of turmoil in the royal family--it’s fair to say everyone is going to be watching this.

    Today we spoke with BuzzFeed Senior Reporter, and resident royal expert, Ellie Hall.

    Ellie points out that this is going to be our first real look at the type of content Meghan and Harry will be releasing after formally breaking financially from the royal family. Listen to hear her break down what kind of personal revelations Harry could make in the series.

    Ellie also breaks down what’s going on with Will & Kate's recent rebrand, and answers our questions about her recent article comparing how Megan and Kate were each treated by the press after their wedding days.

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    2. Gal Gadot is speaking out about Joss Whedon’s problematic behavior.

    3. Seth Rogen will no longer work with James Franco because of his alleged exploitative actions.

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