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    Listen: Prepare Yourself Now—It Seems Like WandaVision Is Going To Take A Dark And Tragic Turn

    “WandaVision might be a fun ‘Dick Van Dyke’ or ‘Bewitched’ parody right now. But I have a feeling we’re going to be crying by the end. So I’m gearing up for some tears.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. Over the weekend, the Marvel Cinematic Universe dropped the much-anticipated show WandaVision on Disney Plus. And folks, we NEED to talk all about it.

    We’re joined by Nora Dominick, BuzzFeed’s TV Editor, to discuss if it lived up to expectations, the Easter eggs that are hidden within, how the show ties in with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and of course, a few spoilers here and there.

    Dominick is also a big fan of the comics and revealed why she thinks the series may take a tragic turn. And, yes, this is a SPOILER.

    This theory has its origins in the Scarlet Witch’s appearances in several comic book series:

    “If we are thinking this is following the comic book storylines, Wanda has basically invented this Universe in order to deal with Vision’s heartbreaking death at the end of Infinity War.”

    Listen to hear more of Nora’s theories, and find out why Zach Stafford is unfavorably comparing the series to Last Christmas.

    2. Meanwhile, Jamie Lynn Spears is blaming Elon Musk for the death of her cats.

    3. AND, Ben Affleck and Ana De Armas have split up.

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