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    Listen: "Luca" Is Pixar’s First Gay Movie—And Disney Needs To Embrace It

    “It’s hard to say which is better — major characters who are queer-coded or these tiny moments where they mention that someone is gay. It’s like choosing between crumbs and scraps —at a certain point what you want is a whole meal.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. Pixar's "Luca" has already made a big splash in this summer’s ocean of new movies. If you haven’t heard of it, basically, it’s a “feel-good” film about two young sea monsters (named Luca and Alberto) who are just trying to make their way in the human world. In pure Pixar fashion, it’s stealing everyone’s hearts and the internet is loving the pair’s relationship.

    Director Enrico Casarosa maintains that the movie is simply about friendship — more specifically, how we first “find ourselves” with the help of our adolescent friends.

    While the film technically remains open to interpretation, for many, the signs are undeniable. Slate’s Marissa Martinelli recently wrote the piece, “How Gay Is Pixar’s Luca?” and guides us through this “rainbow-colored Rorschach test.”

    2. TLC is Officially Cutting Ties With the Duggar Family.

    3. Serena Williams had to retire from her first-round Wimbledon match due to an injury -- sparking a backlash against the event for Putting Players In Danger.

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