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    Listen: Netflix’s “Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel” Isn’t A Murder Mystery—It’s About A Mental Health Crisis

    “That video in the elevator drew a lot of people in. But I knew what that was the second I saw it. She wasn’t operating in the same reality—She was somewhere else.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. Netflix’s “Crime Scene: Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel” chronicles the disappearance and death of Elisa Lam, which took place at the notorious Cecil Hotel located on Skid Row in Los Angeles.


    It’s a story people have been obsessing over for years--mostly due to a piece of surveillance video released after Elisa’s disappearance that shows her behaving very strangely in the hotel elevator on the night she disappeared.

    But the show is still receiving a lot of criticism. It’s being accused of being less interested in revealing that truth, than spinning up fodder for online message boards. It also seems to reinforce negative stigmas surrounding mental health.


    Today we spoke with Eirik Gumeney. For Nerdist, he wrote the piece “Mental Health Problems Aren’t Unsolved Mysteries.”

    2. Tiger Woods underwent surgery following a dangerous car crash.

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    3. People are explaining how they get back at rude customers, and the tactics they use are pretty inventive.

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