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    Listen: My Boyfriend Is Still In Love With His Baby Mama--Am I Wasting My Time?

    “He’s already had four years to move on from this person, and that didn’t work. Are you willing to give him four more? I would not.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. Stephen LaConte joins us for another edition of DM-911. He leaves his DM’s open to answer your questions. Today, he offered some advice to a man whose boyfriend admits he still has feelings for the mother of his children--even though they broke up four years ago!

    “You asked me ‘Am I wasting my time?’ It depends on what your time is worth. He’s already had four years to move on from this person. He did not. Would you be willing to wait four more years? I would not.”

    He also offered guidance to a woman who is still angry with her sister-in-law for refusing to meet her newborn daughter at first, but she’s ready to have a relationship with her now. But, the reason for doing so, is heartbreaking: she had just suffered a miscarriage. Here’s what Stephen had to say to her:

    “Clearly she’s trying to move on with her life. She’s trying to make amends by having a relationship with your daughter now. I think you should let her do that, apology or not.”

    Listen to hear what Stephen had to say to a woman who wants to know how to date again, even though she just renewed her lease with her ex.

    2. Revenge bedtime procrastination is a thing, and we can’t stop thinking about it.

    It took a *Tik Tok* for me to realize that I was doing "revenge bedtime procrastination." Basically, I was fighting going to bed because I felt like I had no control over my time during the day, and I didn't want my free time to end.

    Twitter: @CassandraYoung

    3. Timothee Chalamet and Tom Holland are the frontrunners for a new Willy Wonka movie.

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