Listen: Here’s Why Millennials Need To Stop Worrying So Much About “Adulting” And Just Relax

    “I don’t see us going back. I don’t see us marrying in our teens or being financially independent by 22.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. We’ve talked before about the huge number of Millennials who moved home to live with parents during the pandemic, and what might be next for them. But even before any of us had heard about COVID-19, Millennials had already been handed something of a raw deal when it came to the economy. By that, we of course mean the TWO “once-in-a-lifetime” major recessions we’ve seen since joining the workforce.

    And beyond living with parents, a lot of Millennials also may feel like they haven’t gotten far enough along in life – that they’re somehow behind and don’t feel like real adults. But, what if we change how we define adulthood? That’s the subject of Kayleen Schaefer’s new book: But You're Still So Young: How Thirtysomethings Are Redefining Adulthood, and she is on BuzzFeed Daily today to talk about all that and even more!

    2. Lizzo is speaking out about sharing an unedited, naked picture of herself.

    3. Mean Girls star Jonathan Bennett says he and his fiance were rejected from a wedding venue for being “two men.”

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