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    Listen: Here’s Why Millennials Who Moved Home During The Pandemic Might Not Leave, And Why It’s Okay

    “If we’ve learned anything over the past year and change, it’s that we’re all one mishap, or missed paycheck, away from not being able to make it on our own.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. More and more young adults are living with their parents--even surpassing rates seen during the height of the Great Depression. For some of those young adults--it was a choice to move home during the pandemic. For others, it was their only option

    Today we’re talking with BuzzFeed News contributor Laura Bogart about what happens next for Millennials. As some pandemic-related restrictions are being lifted, a lot of people are trying to figure out if and when they’ll be able to move back out--or if they even want to.

    2. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are teaching their son it’s okay to cry.

    3. Physicians and entertainment companies are joining forces to reduce the stigmas around mental health.

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