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    Why You Should Avoid Frozen Honey, “Clean Penis” Avocado, And More From Medical TikTok

    “I actually saw such a disturbing video of this girl not only doing that with honey, but doing it with mustard and Sriracha and all of these like, disgusting things.”

    On today's episode of BuzzFeed Daily, we broke down the top pop culture headlines AND discussed the latest medical TikTok trends. You can listen below or scroll down to read more about the interview!

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    So let's dive right into it! Recently we talked to Daniella Emanuel about how avocados that taste like "clean penis," foot fetishes, and frozen honey have taken over TikTok. Here's some of what we learned:

    BuzzFeed Daily: It seems like [avocado tasting like "clean penis"] is all some twisted modern version of an old wives tale. But to be clear, short of hearing this on social, is there any evidence that this is actually true?

    Told my future mother in law that avocado taste like clean penis and she said… avocockdo I love her 🤣💗

    Daniella Emanuel: You know, I think that's actually up to sort of personal subjective thinking. I will say I had a friend who has a boyfriend, so she's sexually active. And I told her about this and she was like, "I'm going to go grab an avocado right now." She grabbed one. She took a bite and she just texted me: "Yup." That was that.

    Let's get into sort of the psychological aspect [of foot fetishes]. While the mapping in our brains makes sense, we obviously don't all end up with a foot fetish. So what's the theory on why some brains might latch onto this and others not so much?

    NBC / Via

    DE: Speaking biologically and scientifically, I'm assuming, some of the people who don't have foot fetishes, these wires don't really end up getting crossed in their brains. And for the ones that do, they do. But at the same time, there are also evolutionary reasons for this that he was explaining to me. For example, they believe that there's sort of a benefit to having a sexual association with the feet that goes back to when we were cavemen or like the earliest evolution of the earliest form of humans, which was that to derive pleasure from your feet being touch was beneficial, for removing parasites and stuff like that. So, that's definitely a psychological reason right there. 

    There's also been evidence that there have been rises in foot fetishes and foot fetish pornography and content and sort of obsession around periods of STI outbreaks. And it's believed that it's because feet are seen as safe, as opposed to genitals, which are known to carry STIs. So it's almost a protective mechanism to have a fascination with feet. Of course, all of these are theories. And nothing has been 100% scientifically confirmed. It's really hard to get data on this, as he explained to me. But the theories are pretty are pretty strong, based on some of the studies that have been done. 

    BuzzFeed Daily: So, moving on to something very different. People are basically obsessed with freezing honey bottles and squeezing out the honey to eat it like a popsicle. What is the story about how and why it is going viral right now?

    DE: Oh, my goodness. I actually saw such a disturbing video of this girl not only doing that with honey, but doing it with mustard and Sriracha and all of these like, disgusting things. It was just the most horrifying thing to watch. I think she was trying to piss people off. But essentially this all started with this one user, Dave Ramirez, on TikTok, who froze honey and squeezed it out of the bottle and took a bite. And he was like, "Oh, that was refreshing." And then from there, people, I guess, just went with it and they started doing it themselves. And...some people hate it, but some people say, "Oh, it's so cool and refreshing and I love the taste and the texture." So, yeah, for some reason, that's just become an enormous trend on TikTok.

    Let’s have a moment of silence for Disney’s FastPass.

    @DisneyParks @WaltDisneyWorld @Disneyland We already pay enough to be there, now pay more to actually ride the rides you want? 😞 I love Disney, but this seems like it’s all about $. The average family can not afford to go to Disney and stay at a Disney resort. Pretty sure this is not how Walt wanted it.

    For the uninitiated, FastPass was a free service that allowed Disney World and Disneyland guests to check out other attractions while waiting to go on a busier ride or attend a show. Disney recently replaced FastPasses, which had been paused during the pandemic, with Lightning Lane — which is only accessible via Disney’s new $15-$20 Genie service — and a lot of park enthusiasts are not happy.

    We also discussed how Kanye West brought his feud with Drake to a whole new level Monday morning, when he posted a Google Maps screenshot with Drake's home address on Instagram.

    Photo of Kanye West walking outside in a black peacoat next to a photo of Drake looking over the top of a car wearing a black coat and beanie
    Neil Mockford / GC Images via Getty Images, Tm / GC Images via Getty Images

    Kanye wrote, "You will never recover. I promise you" in his group chat message — which he also posted a screenshot of — and some people think it was directed at Drake. Both screenshots have since been removed.

    Kanye and Drake have been at odds for a few years now, after Kanye allegedly told Pusha T about Drake’s secret son, giving Pusha the chance to reveal his existence in a diss track before Drake did.

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