Listen: My Friend Cheated On His Pregnant Wife — Should I Tell Her?

    "I really feel like I need to somehow tell the wife that her husband slept with another woman.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. We’ve got another edition of DM-911 with our own Stephen LaConte. Today, Stephen gives advice to a woman who found out about a coworker cheating with her husband’s friend, a woman with a friend who lashed out in a random act of physical violence, and a woman struggling to get her girlfriend’s super-conservative family to fully accept their relationship.

    If you need advice from Stephen, you can slide into his DMs on Instagram and Twitter.

    2. Mila Kunis says she regrets having Ashton Kutcher sell his ticket to space after they had children.

    Photo of Mila Kunis in a white t-shirt holding an IMDb-branded microphone

    3. Mandy Moore has opened up about postpartum feelings of isolation and inadequacy.

    Photo of Mandy Moore in a bright yellow dress smiling at something off-camera

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