Listen: Creator Lindy West On What To Expect From The Final Season Of "Shrill"

    “Aidy and I are both tired of being flattened into just ‘fat person.’ Both of us are hungry to be more than that, and to really put our personhood on screen. And Annie’s personhood on screen.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. In some bittersweet news, the final season of “Shrill” is set to premiere on Hulu this coming Friday. The show’s developed a massive following among both fans and critics because it’s brought us something we haven’t seen before: a fat-positive heroine, portrayed by the amazing Aidy Bryant.

    To explain what we can expect in this final season, we’re joined by executive producer Lindy West. The show is also based on her memoir “Shrill: Notes from a loud woman.”

    Listen to hear West break down why she and Bryant decided to focus less on how Annie’s size impacts her life and relationships this season.

    She also shares her take on how the pandemic has impacted body positivity (she too is loving those Will Smith selfies), and dishes on her next project with Shonda Rhimes.

    2. Channing Tatum said he needs to up his acting game.

    3. These TikToks about which women were considered “fat” by the media will probably infuriate you.

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