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    Listen: Kim & Kanye May Be Over--But We Should Be Careful How We Talk About Their Split

    “I don’t know what it’s like to know that sometimes your mental illness is going to get you in trouble, and knowing that you need to have the right people around you. And then not having those people around you.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. Kim and Kanye’s impending divorce has been getting non-stop coverage since the news broke on Friday. As with any celebrity split, this coverage has been a little gleeful, and maybe even a little mean.

    But, given the circumstances, maybe we should try to be a little more delicate in this situation. Because let’s be real--Kanye’s been going through some stuff. And so has Kim.

    Elamin Abdelmahmoud joined us today to talk about this. He wrote the piece “Kanye West Is Publicly Struggling. We Need To Give Him Grace” back in July, in the midst of his disastrous presidential run.

    2. Matt James is calling out the Bachelor franchise on Instagram.

    3. Is this the most embarrassing tattoo of all time? We’ll let you be the judge.


    #stitch with @hannanicbic I could NOT have had worse timing. #fyp #foryoupage #tattoo #worsttattoo #winner P.S. I’m not anti-mask I promise 🤦🏻‍♀️

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