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    Listen: Khloe Kardashian Helped Her Sisters Create Unrealistic Beauty Standards—But She’s A Victim Of Them Too

    “If she really dug deep and looked around her she might be like, ‘You know, I really hate my sisters.’ That’s a lot to reckon with.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. We’re still sorting through our feelings over this Khloe Kardashian photo controversy. An image that Khloe didn’t want to be seen made its way onto social media, and of course--now we’ve all seen it. And we’re all still talking about it--but it’s become much less about the photo itself, than Khloe’s response to it.

    Today we spoke with BuzzFeed News reporter Ade Onibada about the controversy. Ade called Khloe’s response criticizing unrealistic standards of beauty both ironic and disappointing:

    “You can’t talk about unrealistic standards without looking at your role in perpetuating those. It’s ionic, disappointing and it’s so short-sighted. Shows a total lack of self-awareness”

    2. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are officially done.

    3. Tig Notaro has replaced Chris D’elia in Army Of The Dead and there’s some wild CGI going on.

    Tig Notaro. that's it that's the tweet

    Twitter: @NetflixFilm

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