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    Listen: Is It Only “Hot Girl Food” When The Person Eating It Is Thin And Conventionally Attractive?

    “There is an implication that these foods are associated with hotness, or will make you hot. But it is interesting to see that most of the people making these videos are thin, conventionally attractive people.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. Hot Girl Summer is here yet again, and along with it is a bevy of Hot Girl Foods — including tinned fish. We have to wonder: How did this happen? Who decides these things?

    Closeup photo of tins of canned tuna and sardines

    Food & Culture writer at VICE Bettina Makalintal joins us today to break down how and why tinned fish has risen to the top of the Hot Girl Food chain.

    2. Gigi Hadid kept two journals during her pregnancy: one for “good” thoughts and one for “bad” thoughts.

    3. Halsey opened up about growing up “white passing” in a mixed race family, and how it’s affected the way people view her.

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