Listen: The #FreeBritney Movement Had It Right The Whole Time

    “We’ve seen the vindication in the #FreeBritney movement. In one statement Britney laid out that not only were they right, but that things were much worse.”

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    On today's episode:

    This week, Britney Spears made a highly anticipated appearance — to put it mildly — addressing a Los Angeles Superior Court judge regarding her long-running conservatorship. Britney asked for an end to the legal arrangement that has given her father, Jamie Spears, control over her money and life since 2008. She spoke candidly about her loss of independence, but ultimately pleaded that she just wants her “life back.”

    The pop star has received a huge outpouring of support in the wake of the hearing, but the #FreeBritney movement stood by her all along. While there’s still a lot of uncertainty ahead, at least one thing became clear — the movement was right.

    Elamin Abdelmahmoud joins us to dive even deeper into all things #FreeBritney.

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