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    Listen: No One Should Be Surprised By Evan Rachel Wood’s Allegations Against Marilyn Manson

    “She has been very clear for years, speaking out, giving senate testimony, that at age 18 she was in a relationship with a very charismatic and powerful man… but she never did name him. And somehow for that reason he was able to ignore it.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. On Monday actor Evan Rachel Wood alleged in an Instagram post that singer and former partner Marilyn Manson groomed and abused her for years. Today we’re talking with BuzzFeed News reporter Amber Jamieson about the allegations, and the recent fallout for Manson--that has seen him dropped by both his record label and agent.

    Jamieson also breaks down past statements from Manson where he’s admitted to having violent fantasies about Wood and examines violent imagery from some of his music videos.

    2. Drive through employees can see and hear everything you do in line, and this TikTok proves it.

    3. AOC’s Instagram live from last night has people shook.

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