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    Listen: Here’s Why You And Your Partner Should Keep Your Finances Completely Separate

    “People split up all the time, relationships end, people die. Horrible things happen. It always freaked me out to feel like if I needed to leave this relationship, the money would be a factor and I’d be attached to him in some way.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. Joint checking and savings accounts, shared credit cards, evenly splitting debt are all common steps couples make once they’re married — but should they be? If one partner has or earns more money than the other, or loves to spend regularly while the other is frugal, or simply has a completely different outlook on money, it can lead to tension. Keeping finances separate could make things a whole lot easier.

    Woman and man going over their finances together

    BuzzFeeder Evie Carrick and her husband decided not to merge their money when they married, and today she tells us why their relationship is better for it.

    2. Addison Rae will no longer be a UFC correspondent after her “disrespectful” and “obnoxious” tweet announcing the gig got major backlash.

    nvm y’all got me fired

    Twitter: @whoisaddison

    3. Members of England’s national soccer team are facing racist vitriol following the Euro 2020 loss.

    I am sickened by the racist abuse aimed at England players after last night’s match. It is totally unacceptable that players have to endure this abhorrent behaviour. It must stop now and all those involved should be held accountable. W

    Twitter: @KensingtonRoyal

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