Listen: Bennifer Is Back--But Are Ben And Jen Really The Ultimate Power Couple?

    “This sparked a new era of a celebrity couple obsession. I mean we’ve got the Brad-Jen-Angelina triangle, Tom and Katie, Ashton and Demi …”

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    On today's episode:

    1. Since speculation about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck getting back together began over a month ago, social media has been 2004-level excited. Then, last week, a picture of the couple kissing went viral and almost broke the internet. It was all the confirmation the public needed. “Bennifer” was a thing again, and just like that, we were all in.

    17 years after breaking up, their relationship has yet again sparked an obsession among the masses. So, what is it about this reunion that has everyone hooked? And why did we care so much in the first place? Variety’s Senior Culture & Events Editor, Marc Malkin, joins us to talk all about Bennifer 2.0 and the return of the celebrity “power couple.”

    2. Britney Spears will finally break her silence and address the court in her conservatorship case.

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