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13 Lessons You Learn When You Work In Makati

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of. Oh, and lots of traffic, too.

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1. You can never escape traffic.

You don't look for traffic, it finds you. It gets even worse during the months leading up to Christmas, and for Filipinos, that starts in September.


4. There are designated drop off/pick up areas in CBD (Central Business District).

These are strictly followed so, no, you can't get off at just anywhere.


9. When it rains, you're screwed.

Baha na po dito Ayala-Makati Ave @ABSCBNNews @ANCALERTS @MMDA @rapplerdotcom @atomaraullo

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Baha na po dito Ayala-Makati Ave @ABSCBNNews @ANCALERTS @MMDA @rapplerdotcom @atomaraullo

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10. Ayala Triangle is one of the best parks in the city.

Like a pocket of paradise in the middle of the city.


12. The Friday-payday combo is your worst nightmare.

Even worse was this year's triple threat: Valentine's Day Friday payday.

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