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7 Reasons Why Dominique Ansel Is The King Of Desserts

Dominique Ansel is most famous for inventing the Cronut, but never underestimate the true cake boss.

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1. People still wait in line for his desserts

McSiroisFR / blogspot / Via

Dessert connoisseurs have waited in line for hours for Dominique Ansel's treats, whether they're coming for Cronuts, Frozen Marshmallows or Cookie Shots. You can get a lucky break once, but Ansel has proved that his baked goods aren't just a passing trend.

2. He is pretty much Willy Wonka, but nice

Dominique Ansel / Via

Do you see that upscale Peep? Do you? I can't. Let's not even get into the Gingerbread Pinecones or beautiful cakes that look just like peaches that have champagne-poached peaches inside.

3. He makes the best kouign-amann in New York

Dominique Ansel Bakery / Via

Kouign-amann is basically never bad - the Breton pastry consists of dough, butter and sugar folded up a million times, baked to a flaky crisp. But Ansel's version, the DKA, is divine and often touted the best in New York City: It's got a caramelized crunch on the outside with layers and layers of paper-thin, pillowy dough on the inside. Ansel even said himself that he prefers the DKA to the Cronut. Convinced yet?

4. He reinvented the cookie shot

Dominique Ansel Bakery / Via

He might be French, but Ansel certainly understands the American palate. Ansel's chocolate chip cookie shot glasses come filled with Tahitian vanilla milk. Yum.

5. This is what he thinks a s'more should be

Dominique Ansel Bakery / Via

Ansel's Frozen S'more is nothing short of magical. After he or a staffer torches the treat and hands it over, you'll bite into a smoky marshmallow filled with ice cream and chocolate crispies. It's bougie, for sure, but you can't argue with ice cream and marshmallows.

7. He gave out the Cronut recipe

Thomas Schauer / Via

Okay, you'll take a look at the recipe and say to yourself, "There is no way in HELL I'm ever going to make this," but still, we're quite touched that Ansel is giving everyone the secret formula to his biggest moneymaker. Check out the recipe here.

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