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10 Reasons Cat Ladies Prefer Staying Single

Crazy Cat Ladies are often single. But then who needs a boyfriend when you have cats? Here's why having cats is more exciting than being in a relationship.

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1. Cats are always happy to see you

Excited Cat / Via

Nobody welcomes you home after a long hard day at work the way a cat does. Unlike your boyfriend, cats would always be this excited to see you come back home everyday.

2. Cats are not clingy

Deborah Grey

Cats know how to mind their own business. On most days they will just find a nice spot to nap and give you all the time and space needed to concentrate on your professional goals.

4. Cats have an unmatched emotional range


While your boyfriend's emotions may only be triggered by football or beer, cats have no such limitations. They can communicate a variety of emotions from surprise and shock to sadness and regret.

10. You can have more than one

Deborah Grey

You can't have more than one boyfriend without being judged or slut shamed. But being a Crazy Cat Lady is a badge of honor. Cats are insanely cute and no matter how many you have, you feel like getting just one more.

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