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    • DadeMurphy7

      “Thanks God I’m (not) american”… (when we say “you” it’s not you Lucy, and not even the US citizens, it’s more general or, in some way, specific to that mentality) 0) America is a continent, made by North America and South America, so the title is not correct, since it is referring only to the US… And, NO, in no way you have the right to call “America” your country just because you decided so.
      (see ) 1) So what? Can’t you use your brain/body to go in 2 different shops? Wanna lay down on your couch all day and just order everything by only moving your fingers on your smartphone?  2) Would you just eat HEALTHIER food instead of complaining for the absence of DIET sodas (which also come with side-effects, especially if Aspartame is used)? 3) On number 3 and 29 we might be more intolerant than the average, but the question is just the opposite: WHY on hearth do you have to put tons of icecubes in every darn drink? Why do everything have to be exhaggerated?
      BONUS: it is unhealthy too. 4) We do have ice coffe but it’s not the same. Well, in your case this is not even coffe, but a coffee-based beverage, this one can pass. 5) OMG we are gonna tear my hair off my head for that… Did we mention “get a life”? 6) Plain nonsense, not sure where the author was, maybe in Northern Europe 7) We DO have frozen yogurt. Maybe not at every corner, but it definitely exists.  8) Like… same problem for anyone who travels? Did we mention that, for example, some measurement units are only used in your country? 9) There was not so much need of a big variety of sizes, before the junk american food invaded our culture. And, anyway, we do have shopping malls, commercial centers, sales….  10) Same as Number_6, it’s not so in every country; you can find something open until midnight. And (in the main cities) even until the morning, especially during the weekend. And there are some drive-thrus (which are mainly Mc Donalds, so in general we would refer something else). 11) Nothing much to say about that. But we can assure it is possible to use Internet every now and then without compromising your life. 12) Indeed. But every café, bar, pub, public place shall have a bathroom for anyone (free of charge). 13) Not a good food, but, as long as it is every once in a while, we understand you might want to enjoy it. 14) We had to Google it to know what that was. Nice product. Definitly not necessary. Definitly polluting. Is this something that makes you appreciate your country? Sorry to infer that your bar is set quite low. 15) Again, doesn’t seem something major. It is a matter of habits… Can’t you just try to understand another culture and get used to it? Or it is just not in your DNA?  16) No words. 17) Definitely agree, but now almost every single country in Europe has this kind of restictive law. A good point about the US law is that it prevents from smoking even beside/in front of doors/windows. 18) We do have asian food. It’s just, ya know, we do have our OWN food too. 19) Thanks God we do miss out. For you everything must be a “show”. If we go to the stadium, WE are the show. But, in some way, we can understand you. 20) We are becoming repetitive with the “Is this something that makes you appreciate your country?” line. 21) There again… dude, which countries did you visit? PS: fares in the US are not that competitive too… 22) This is not much about the WHERE did you go, it’s more on the WHEN. Only a few people use Speedos anyway. And it’s not a big deal, anyway. 23) Different cultures. We are not used to drink 2 gallons of soda per meal (is it even healthy)? 24) That’s a matter of heart (finally!!!), nothing to say. 25) Not true, but it is actually hard to find a GOOD ketchup over here. Anyway, ketchup is not good food and it is not healthy. 26) Again, WHERE and WHEN did you go? And, again, can’t you use your brain/body to carry out simple householding tasks? 27) And, again, can’t you use your brain/body to carry out simple math tasks? (or, for the sake of company, just divide by the number of guests?) 28) You can’t understand how much we can understand you on this point (pun intended). Definitly harder for us abroad, if we might dare. 29) Did someone teach you that the human body is made to adapt? Why do you always have to live in a controlled environment? We DO have air conditioning, we just avoid setting it every time at 18° Celsius (you’ll do the conversion, it is not our fault if YOU use another metric system… and by the way, NO, it is not the other way round).
      BONUS: it is not healthy. 30) Depends on the country but, to be honest, we never remarked it. We’ll pay more attention in order for being more impartial. 31) Who said that? Pizza is normally better in restaurants, but we DO have home delivery (while not as used as in the US). 32) Again Why do you always have to live in a controlled environment? I suppose this depends a lot on WHERE you live and, in a few places, they actually install screened windows. 33) Take it easy, and get organised. The culture of “everything, everywhere, whenever” brings to mass-standardization (and, whether you understand it or not, this is NOT a good thing. Surely for food it is not). 34) We won’t argue about who “deviated” from the idea of breakfast, We’ll just stick to Number_28. 35) Back then, paper notes were WAY more practical. All this useless small change gets heavy and bulky for no reason.

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