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12 Will Ferrell GIFs That Will Make You Say, "Me This Christmas"

Ferrell-lalalala-lala-la-la. Get in the holiday sprit with Daddy's Home 2 premiering in cinemas 23 Nov!

1. Being hit hard by the first Christmas songs because they start playing them earlier and earlier every year.

2. The inevitable struggle between having the best-decorated house on the street...

3. ...and coming to terms with the electric bill at the end of the season.

4. Smiling through quality family time after a massive Christmas lunch when all you want is some quality time with the bathroom.

5. The agony of knowing you'll have to greet that one relative who has issues with personal boundaries.

6. Or that mixture of festive dread when your in-laws visit and expect you to be a bag-boy/chauffeur/host all rolled into one.

7. Also trying to carry on normal conversation when they make it their goal to criticise you as much as possible.

8. And keeping your cool in the wake of that criticism.

9. At least there's never a shortage of alcohol this time of year to help you along.

10. And things will only get better when your long-distance mates arrive home for the holidays.

11. Even if it means they'll have to carry you home after a crazy night out.

12. Getting caught up in one of those rare festive, happy moments during the chaos of the holidays with your family.

Images courtesy of Paramount Pictures

If Will Ferrell can make it through the Christmas season, so can you! Catch Daddy’s Home in cinemas November 23

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