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The "Daddy's Home" Guide To Surviving The Holidays

Step 1: Don't miss Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg in Daddy's Home, now playing in theatres.

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Guess what? The holiday season is here again.


Don't panic! You can make it through the season with a few helpful tips for surviving the holidays:

1. Conserve your energy.

The holidays can be exhausting, so conserve your energy by taking the escalator, sleeping in, and not shoveling the snow off the walkway, because the sky made that snow, and it's the sky's responsibility to clean it up.

2. Be tolerant of your annoying relatives.

Try not to let your eyeballs roll out of your head every time someone says "not my president!"

3. Give good presents.

Pro tip: The better your present is, the harder it is for someone to get mad at you later.

4. Don't take on more than you can handle.

This applies to credit card debt, desserts, and conversations with your grandma about why you're not married yet.

5. Remember to have fun.

You only see most of your family members a couple of times a year, so make it fun and joyful! Then you can spend the rest of the year silently judging their status updates from afar.

6. Celebrate the little victories.

Rejoice over that good parking spot, that perfect cup of coffee, and that day when you fell asleep at your desk for two hours and nobody noticed!

7. Don't forget the pets!

Your family pets deserve holiday gifts as well, and if you don't give them something, THEY WILL DEFINITELY HOLD IT AGAINST YOU FOREVER.

8. Be extra polite.

Because you'll spread some good holiday cheer and joy...but mostly because being rude takes A LOT more effort.

9. Smile as much as possible.

Scientific studies have proven that smiling actually tricks everyone around you into thinking you're not being terrorized by crippling holiday-induced anxiety attacks!

10. Don't take your frustrations out on other people.

In fact, just don't punch anyone. For anything. Ever. Consider it your holiday gift to the rest of civilized society.

11. Instead, vent frustration on inanimate objects.

If you absolutely have to punch something, punch inanimate objects like walls, piles of blankets, and statues in the park.

12. Or, better yet, just get some exercise...

Exercise is a great stress reliever, so hit the gym, go for a jog, or completely humiliate yourself in front of thousands of people at a professional basketball game.

13. ...and don't forget to reach for the stars!

Just make sure there aren't any live electrical wires above you, because that's the wrong kind of energy to be harnessing.

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Kick your holiday season into high gear with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg in Daddy's Home, now playing in theatres!

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