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  • Accident In Russia With Flight

    The accident occurred May 19 at about one o’clock in the Dyatkovo area of 26 km of the road “Bryansk-Dyatkovo. As the press service of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the city of Bryansk, 30-year-old driver of the car OPEL ZAFIRA, lost control of the (presumably ruptured the left front wheel tires) drove into oncoming traffic off the road, where permitted hit a guardrail and roadway concrete stele, with subsequent roll-over into the left ditch. On the video appeared on the Internet (about 30 seconds of) that the car literally flew into the air.

  • Russian Businessman Survived An Assassination Attempt

    General Director of the St. Petersburg company escaped death because of a faulty weapon killer. Killer loser lit before surveillance cameras. Security cameras helped investigators in the northern capital to restore the picture of how the hired killer made ​​an unsuccessful attempt to kill 56-year-old Leonid Kolesnikov, General Director of “Regina”.

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