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Tips To Optimize Content On Your Page For Effective SEO

Content that is not sharable or linkable is of no use to your website. Search engines give a lot of importance to content, especially after the google updates.

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You need to create content that is not only attractive to human visitors, but also to search engine bots. Even though your website contains an attractive design, it remains incomplete without text messages. Customers visiting your website will possibly look for information about the product so as to make a purchasing decision. The appealing images without any wordings might attract visitors but the visits will hardly turn to sales conversion.


Optimizing websites with text and keywords has turned a little complex these days as compared to yesteryears. Today, content is more than just disseminating information about products/services. You cannot talk about content optimization without talking about keywords, no matter how clich├ęd it sounds. Yet, the importance of using the right keywords in the right manner is so profound that you really cannot get away from it. Competition over the world wide web is increasing with a great speed and each web page is facing a massive race to get top position in the leading search engines. The ongoing challenge has given birth to a new concept of copywriting and SEO-friendly content. Such type of content target towards specific keywords as per the requirement and adheres to the rules of search engine optimization.


SEO content development is a lengthy procedure as it includes keyword selection, words count and analysis of a specific website, checking keyword density on a particular copy. Therefore, the best deal lies in taking content services from a reliable company TOCU technology. Technology of the Optimal Content Usage. It allows you to use one article for a large number of blogs without being penalized by Google for duplication.

Avoid duplication

Duplication of content is injurious to SEO. Make sure that no two pages on your website contain the same website. If for any reason, you can use TOCU technology which will help you to avoid duplication if you copied content from other website.

Down to the technicalities

Title tag needs to be carefully constructed. Keep it within 70 characters. Use your primary keyword in the title. Use one h1 tag and include the primary keyword in it. The h1 tag is really the main headline of your page. The page title and h1 tags should be distinct but both should be descriptive to the point of conveying the essence of the page. Use subheadings to create smooth flow and a robust structure for your content. Another very important aspect is the Meta description. This is a short description of not more than 150 characters that describes the content of your page. Use keywords in the Meta description.

By getting all the above mentioned benefits, you can expect to build a brand identity for your website. High quality content carries the power to hook readers for a long time-period and convinces them to reach into the depth of each web page. Quite often, readers prefer to bookmark websites in their computer-browsers so that they can get in touch with the company as and when they like.

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