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10 Music Videos From 1999 You May Have Forgotten

Take a trip back to the 90s with these videos

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1. Ricky Martin- "Livin' La Vida Loca"

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Mr. Martin rocked into our hearts with this classic music video. Full of sexy people, dancing in and out of rain, and Ricky's wide range of arm movements; this video will bring back a simpler time.

2. Madonna - "Beautiful Stranger"

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Never has Madonna and Austin Powers fit into a music video more perfectly. With sensual dancing and lots of hip thrusting from Madonna, Austin Powers is enchanted her and tries to win her attention.

3. Eiffel 65- "Blue (Da Ba Dee)"

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Eiffel 65 is abducted by blue aliens and uses karate to beat up, but also performs a concert for the same blue aliens. It's 90s graphics and animation at its finest.

4. Bloodhound Gang- "The Bad Touch"

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A gang of bloodhounds sounds cute, right? You're wrong. The guys from the Bloodhound Gang are dressed up as monkeys capturing people around Paris and end the video in a synchronized dance break. It's a sight to see. Also, it gave people the pick up line, "You and me baby aint nothin' but mammals, so let's do it like they do on the discovery channel." Thanks, guys!

5. Lenny Kravitz- "Fly Away"

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The making out, the halter tops, the cinematography, the 90s hipsters; this music video has it all. Lenny is wearing his sunglasses inside (Surprise, surprise) and is doing his classic guitar dancing moves.

6. Mandy Moore- "Candy"

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Mandy Moore is doing her best pouty face, drives a green VW bug, has back up dancers, and wears a walkman in this vid. It all SCREAMS 1999.

7. LFO- "Summer Girls"

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If you're looking for a retro summer anthem, look no further than this LFO musical masterpiece. This vid has some breakdancing, lots of 90s teens having a good time on an ocean pier, and tons of pointing from LFO's lead singer.

8. Sisqo- "Thong Song"

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Sisqo is in his silver haired prime while he passionately sings about thongs. The vid starts off with his daughter holding a thong asking him, "What is this?" Sisqo runs off to the beach to dance and hang out with women in their thongs without explaining anything to his daughter is this 90s gem.

9. Limp Bizkit- "Nookie"

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Everything you need to know about 90s alternative is in this video. Fred Durst walks around the streets on New York in his legendary red hat and performs for a crowd of people. Also, one of his bandmates has pretty intense eyes throughout the whole thing.

10. Sugar Ray- "Every Morning"

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This music video will make you want to put on 70s themed clothes and head to your local rollerskating rink. Mark McGrath plays a character that dirt bikes inside of the roller rink and is just an overall goof. This video will want to make you blast this song every morning.

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