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Which Member Of The Daily Fake Are You?

Take this quiz to see which member of the Daily Fake you are! The results may surprise you...

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  1. Let's start off easy. How do you start a night out on the town?

    Shotgunning a couple beers
    A quick bowl before I head out
    Asking my parents for the car because I'm DD'ing yet again
    Finish up this draft of my doctoral thesis, then meet up with the guys
    There is no "start" of the night, my phone is blowing up but I'll just leave it for a bit
  2. Where can you usually be found on any given summer day?

    Found? I make sure no one can find me unless I want them to
    At the Beach Club, guarding the pool and pretending not to notice my friends trying to make me laugh
    At the Beach Club, trying to make the lifeguard laugh
    Out with the fam on Circe's Cup (too soon?)
    Probably watching TV at home while stoned
  3. Who's the love of your life?

    My studies
    Love? Never heard of it
    My foam roller
    I don't even know anymore...but probably my lightsaber
  4. Quick, you're late to band practice! Grab your instrument and hit the road!

    Doesn't really matter, I'll just fuck around the whole time anyway and sing when it's convenient for me
    Do writing instruments count?
    That weird rolling stick thing
  5. What can people always count on you to bring to a party?

    Copious amounts of alcohol
    My sense of humor and idk whatever anyone needs me to get
    Also copious amounts of alcohol
    A responsible presence so that everything doesn't "go to shit"
  6. Where's your favorite place to eat around town?

    I usually just take something from Java
    Village Roast Beef
    Wendy's (not in town but idgaf)
  7. A friend asks you to hang out when you've still got some work to do. How do you respond?

    "Only for a little bit, I have stuff to do"
    "I'm down, what're you tryna do?"
    "Ugh I really shouldn't, but whatever I can push this off to later"
    "I can't tonight, I have work to do"
    *no response*
  8. Oh no, you've missed a call from a friend! How do you text back?

    "Jew call?"
    "What's up"
    "What's up?"
    "Sorry can't talk rn, whats up?"
  9. Good news! It's your turn to submit the Daily Fake! What kind of fake do you send?

    Here comes the fake of the day!

    Something that I've had lined up for a couple weeks now
    Something I just came up with right now because I forgot it was my turn
    Something that we've probably already done before
    Something pretty good that the others are pretty surprised they didn't think of themselves
    I don't
  10. Finally, who is indisputably the most important person in Vault 101: He who shelters us from the harshness of the atomic wasteland, and to whom we owe everything we have, including our lives?

    The Overseer
    The Overseer
    The Overseer
    The Overseer
    The Overseer

Which Member Of The Daily Fake Are You?

You got: Nick

You're the OG user of fake. You were born in it, molded by it; you didn't see the light of Bane's Connecticut backyard until you were already a man. In all seriousness, you're probably the most dedicated member of the DF. You're always trying to have a good time, but that can't happen unless your bros are right beside you having an equally awesome time. You're always quick to the joke, and people are always quick to laugh. Also you're very flexible.

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You got: Henry

You're the biggest Truck McFace this side of the Mississippi. Your booming voice immediately establishes your presence anywhere you go, but your personality makes sure that doesn't get in the way of people wanting to know you. You love to stay organized and you're always making lists and taking other actions in an attempt to bring order to your own crazy world. When you party you can sometimes get carried away if your keeper isn't there to reign you in, but that always makes the night that much more fun and interesting.

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You got: Chris

You're one smart cookie. You don't tend to speak up as much as some of your friends but that makes each joke even more funny than if it were to come from someone else. However, your generally reserved personality shouldn't be mistaken for shyness, as you're always willing to try new things and have a good time. You bring something very unique to the table that makes any group you're a part of more enjoyable than it would be if you weren't there. You couldn't get into MIT though so you're not THAT great...

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You got: Ben

You're the scum of the Earth, and that's meant in the nicest way possible. Your actions oftentimes don't make much sense and can infuriate your friends to no end, but beneath all that and your burning desire to ditch your friends at all times, you've got a heart of gold and the voice of an angel. You've also got your own type of humor that most people would describe as "autistic," but let's face it, you don't hang out with "most people" (even though it may seem like you do). You've got the charisma of a cult leader that makes it so you can get away with pretty much anything, and you are always putting that to the test.

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You got: Mike

You can be very stubborn, whether it be pressuring your friends to download Venmo before it even existed, or trying to get them to listen to some random Weezer b-side that literally came out of thin air; however, that doesn't take away from your heart, which you have a lot of. You care deeply about each and every one of your close friends (sometimes too much to the point where you get mad that they're hanging out without you). You're steadfast in your beliefs and are always willing to voice your opinion, even if it's not a popular one. You are very persistent and don't give up easily. You'll get what you're looking for one day, you just have to be patient.

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