• My Kid Is Awesome, That Is All.

    Call it “brag buzz”. I’m just tired of clogging up my friends’ FB feeds with posts about my progeny. Let’s clog up the whole InterWeb! Add you own — Prove that your genes deserve to go viral, too.

  • Know Your Angry Birds IRL

    The avian experts at 10,000 Birds takes a crack at identifying your favorite angry birds in real life. Enjoy the discovery…or add your own!

  • New 9/11 Images

    Nine years after the defining moment of the 21st century, a stunning set of photographs taken by New York Police helicopters forces us to look afresh at a catastrophe we assumed we knew so well. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1249885/New-World-Trade-Center-9-11-aerial-images-ABC-News.html#ixzz0fEsF3pkl

  • I Am An Avenger

    Marvel Comics isn’t just about pissing off the Tea Party—the company is in the business of making comics. One of their flagship titles, The Avengers, is getting a new(ish) line-up soon, which Marvel is teasing, one member at a time, with its “I Am An Avengers” ad campaign. Who’s the next Avenger? Are YOU an Avenger? Is Garry Shandling an Avenger? CoCo? Snooki? Post your own!

  • The Garry Shandling Poster Project

    The “Tim” of Tim & Eric, Tim Heidecker and friends have taken the power of photoshop and the glory of Gary Shandling puns, and united them in the magnificent medium of movie posters. He doesn’t remember why this started, but he encourages us all to add our own!

  • Nic Cage As Everyone

    Founded on the belief that everything in life would be better with a little more Nic Cage, the most unique and versatile actor of his generation.

  • I Have Something Great To Reveal

    Even a schlub like you will be empowered by this website, which allows you to become (temporarily and, let’s face it, not really) the hero of the free world! It has something to do with the Swedish broadcasting system or cable bills and such, but really, it’s about placing your ugly mug (or a friend’s) all over the video and feeling super special.

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