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An Open Letter To Fans Of Titanic

If you like Titanic, I probably don't like you

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Dear Fans of Titanic,

I don't understand you. You probably think that Titanic is a great film. You enjoy watching it and cry when Jack dies at the end because he and Rose were meant to be together forever. However, I completely disagree with you and don't know if we can actually ever be friends. Actually that's harsh... and due to the ethics class I'm currently taking I'll go into more explanation as to why Titanic is the worst movie ever created.

1. I had such high hopes

When I was a youth I would literally wait outside the basement door trying to listen to what was going on in the movie. I was so excited to see this awesome movie that everyone was talking about. Plus, if we're going to be compeltely honest a lot of my anxiety was due to the awesome sound track aka "My Heart Will Go On."

2. The romance

Maybe I'm just not a romantic person, but come on. They knew each otehr for like five seconds and were prouncing around this boat together. Is this really realistic? I don't think so. And it's also obviously based off of looks. There was no basis to their romance. She was attracked to him and that was that. She was ready to go down on a boat with him so they could be in the sea together forever.

3. The Scene

If you don't know what I'm talking about we've probably never talked about Titanic. Unfortunately, there is no YouTube clip that shows the scene. "Cynthia, what scene are you talking about?" - you. I'm talking about the scene where Rose jumps off the life boat.

* Give me a second to compose myself before I go into my rant...

Ok, so for the sinking boat the first people on lifeboats were women and children. Right before they get all goey and Rose is staring into Jack's eyes as the boat begins to sink we see a father. This father is trying to get on the lifeboat to be with his two children. His two children that are alone on a lifeboat. Well, this father can't get on because it's women and children. So who get on Rose... Then Rose jumps off the boat. SHE JUMPS OFF THE LIFEBOAT TO BE WITH SOMEONE SHE HAS KNOWN FOR LIKE SIX HOURS. THE FATHER COULD HAVE TAKEN THAT SEAT.

Now the father probably died on the Titantic and those two young girls are prostitutes with severe issues because they arrive in a new country without a parent or a family. Ugh it urks me.

There is also the other issue I hadn't thought of until I read Bossypants. Tina Fey talks about this scene because she is all wise and an amazing person. Tina credits this scene with Jack's death. If Rose would have stayed on the lifeboat there would have been room for Jack on that piece of wood (there was enough room).

While looking for the scene on YouTube I came across this link, entitled "Best scene from Titantic." The first comment from Nina Bedell says, "My favorite scene in this movie." All fo the comments are like I love this scene. It makes me want to cry. So romantic. To all of you commentors you are terrible people.

4. Rose

If you couldn't tell I don't like Rose. I don't like the fact that two girls are fatherless because of her stupid actions. I don't like the fact that Jack could have lived had she stayed on the lifeboat. And I really don't like she threw the diamon in the ocean at the end. WHY IS SHE SO STUPID? Literally, she could have fed a third world country with that diamond. But she doesn't care because the only person she cares about is herself.

So you may think that I'm a terrible person for not liking this romantic, classic movie, but I disagree. This movie is overhyped and when you really think about it, it's a truly terrible movie. Why do you like Titantic? Why do you hate it? Comment below!

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