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    • cynthiag6

      All you need to succeed then is a rich father who gave you millions, a private school education and legacy admission to Harvard (paid for by “selling stocks”—his wife’s only life experience she could identify as giving them something in common with average Americans), a willingness to take money from foreign sources of questionable background to start an investment career, immunity from law enforcement when assaulting another student, committing a hate crime, immunity for abusing an animal, a complete lack of a conscience when destroying jobs, homes, families, companies, communities, health care, pensions and dreams just to make hundreds of millions of dollars (to really understand this, please watch the documentary “When Mitt Romney Came To Town” his own donor, Sheldon Adelson, made which is on YouTube in its full version, and a belief that telling women God wants them to risk their lives to carry babies that place them in jeopardy of heart attacks or strokes, etc, just so you can rule planet Kolob someday when you die (evidence of insanity as well as heartlessness and sexism), and a belief that you are better than other people who don’t spend their entire lives in pursuit of the almighty dollar—and don’t forget what is most important and happened before our very eyes—that pathological willingness to lie every day about absolutely everything—starting his campaign with an ad that edited the President’s words to delete the phrase identifying the words as a quote from another person that he totally disagreed with! Going on to lie about actions (earning 4 pinochios and pants on fire ratings from fact checkers) of the President (he never changed the work requirements of welfare!), effects of his own policies, initiatives, and even their existence (20% tax cut? every day he promised it and then looked at the moderator of the debate and denied he ever said it!) and past behavior—such as 47th of 50 governors in job creation, and vetoing 800 acts of the Mass. legislature as governor, 600 of which were over-ridden by vast majorities—so much for claims of working well with Democrats! And on to the final lie that Jeep was outsourcing all the jobs to China! A cruel lie causing sleepless nights and worry to many that cost him the election imo…616 lies documented in 33 weeks! So much for “squeaky clean”… America dodged a bullet when voters rejected this delusional and woefully ignorant man who craved the power and money he could get from the office but never wanted to govern or do the work required of a President. He thought he was entitled and found we disagreed…and he hates us for it. Like his great grandfather, he should move to Mexico when America doesn’t bow to him….

    • cynthiag6

      And management has petitioned the bankruptcy court for permission to pay $1.7 MILLION in BONUSES for the idiots who led the company into bankruptcy! The union had already given pay and other concessions to try to save the ailing company…owned by between 2 and 5 hedge funds….they want the bankruptcy so they can sell the patents for ding dongs, twinkies, ho hos, etc…and make even more $$. The rich are over-reaching so much. That $1.7 millions would have paid workers for how long? But bonuses for terrible job performance? Or was the whole idea to trash the company and sell off the pieces? That’s what Bain did…

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