• CynCity

      Gold Strike Hot Springs is definitely a great hike, but it’s not for random tourists to access willy-nilly. The route takes some serious effort, there are sections of climbing with ropes, and summer temperatures are LETHAL. Thank goodness Lake Mead Park Rangers recently started shutting down that trail in summer months to prevent unprepared people from attempting it despite better judgement. My advice is go with someone who’s been before, or one of the many hiking meetup groups in town (like Vegas Hikers Meetup)

    • CynCity

      I’m a camper, but I have the decency to add another 20% to my tip, knowing I might be costing my server a turn … and I’ve never worked in the food industry. It’s common sense to know I waited for this table, and I can see a waiting room full of people! So get movin or pay to park! My euro friends think it’s horribly rude for the staff to clear our table and bring the check immediately after the food is done, but years of trying to get them to understand just hasn’t worked. *sigh* Second problem — they’ll give any hobo on the street a buck or two, but pull out the calculators at the restaurant and make sure they’re giving no more than 10-15% pre-tax for their tip. Estimate 25% and round up a couple bucks, you basic bitches! ;-)

    • CynCity

      I’ve always felt that nothing is off-limits for Halloween costumes. Dressing up like a serial killer, or a Nazi, or having a blood stained crotch and carrying coat hangers, or a priest and altar boy, or suicide bomber, or klansmen, or Christopher Reeves in a wheelchair, or tracked-up crackhead, or Jacqueline Kennedy sprayed with blood, or shaving your head and wheeling around an IV pole like you have cancer, or any other offensive costume is on the table. Halloween is allowed to shock and upset you, not just an excuse for women to dress as whores. I usually put a lot of mental effort checking my privilege, so I don’t want to act flippant here. But I still can’t think of a single costume that’s so offensive it mustn’t be worn. You can scream when you see it, you can cry, you can vomit … but that person is not an asshole for being so bold. As I try to think on this from different angles, I also wonder whether it was just the “fun” of blackface that made whites do it, or simply that people of other colors were barred from being employed to fill those roles. There was more at play there, so I don’t want to say changing your racial appearance is banned forever. Sad that whitewashing still happens to this day, and we should call it out when we see it. But are we all limited to playing characters of our own race, gender, orientation, etc? Or can a fat black woman rock Dr. Frankenfurter serving human meat at a dinner party attended by sexually assaulted hostages?

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