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    • cynthiacookr

      great points in the comments
      yes, a step in the right direction re: not photoshopping people
      the idea of a “real woman” still very complex and just always may be under an umbrella within an umbrella tangled in some kind of system and embedded within an industrial blah dee blah
      it’s okay these models are not heavy set or overweight
      it’s also a valid point the campaign still feels like “real people! but also like … we won’t get too scary by putting people like Cynthia Robinson in there who, say, have like a gut and real noticeable cellulite” bottom line: if you are a girl, you most likely come across photos of women, regardless if they are “real,” or fake, or photoshopped, or victoria secret modeled, or vogue-d, or #curveygirlstmblr-d. You most likely thought something like “I wish my legs looked like that” or “wow, that woman is really sexy” or “shit that chick’s fat” or, the clincher, “I’m going to do everything and anything possible to look exactly.that.way. because it’s PERFECT!!!”
      Bottom line pt. 2: Having any or all of these thoughts is okay. They’re normal. In fact they’re disgustingly and unapolagetically human. But because you’re a SMART person, you have the ability to discern between thoughts, to know that it’s just an image of another human being existing in reality. It’s not you. You may want to become healthier in your body, you may wish to start filling out your ass a little more. But only because it’s what you want. For the fulfillment of nothing else but your own sense of self and well rounded soul. Ads “say things,” sure. But it’s your personal choice to listen and perhaps say something nonchalantly back like, “Hm, neat.”

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