17 Ways Nickelodeon Taught You To Be A Total Badass

Nobody did "cool" better than the SNICK generation. Let them show you a thing or two.

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7. Keep up with current events.

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Like Linda Ellerbee of Nick News , smart people are super hip. How else would you be able to write sad and existential coffeehouse songs?

...Bonus points if you wear them backwards.

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Thumbs-up are also particularly awesome, as we can see from this meeting of the Midnight Society on Are You Afraid of the Dark? .

9. Double bun it.

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This is the 90's, your hair has to say "Hey, I'm young and totally eccentric!" Even more cool-weirdo points for harboring an alien in your attic like in The Journey of Allen Strange.

10. Only wear denim that looks completely destroyed.

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New looking clothes are totally lame, take it from teen crime investigator Shelby Woo from The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo .

12. While you're at it, get a tattoo.

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It'll show people that you're tough, but that you also have a sensitive side that really appreciates the arts. Just like young Pete from The Adventures of Pete and Pete .