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    16 Ways You Know You Were A Tomboy Growing Up

    Dresses are overrated.

    1. Your teachers told you football was for boys.

    Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

    2. You got teased by other girls for not shopping at the girly stores.

    3. You played drums in the school band instead of flute or violin.

    4. Dodgeball day was your favorite day of the year.

    5. You were constantly looking for a Y shaped stick so you could make one of these.

    6. You only wore dresses to weddings or funerals.

    Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

    7. When all your friends were riding pink bikes with pom-poms on the handlebars you were riding things like this.

    8. You'd choose to watch The Mighty Ducks over Disney princess movies any day.

    Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures / Via

    9. You always got the "boy" toy when you went to McDonalds.

    10. You had no interest in boy bands.

    11. You were always the toughest Power Ranger on the block for Halloween.

    12. You had no concept of haircare.

    13. You had one of these instead of an Easy Bake Oven.

    14. You kicked your friend's butts at videogames.

    15. You were always on the lookout for rollie pollie bugs when you were outside.

    16. Mud was your bud.

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